Using Failure Analysis Simulation Tools to Enhance System Reliability and Streamline Prototyping and Maintenance

The Automation Studio™ failure mode analysis module presented during this conference makes it possible to identify the functions that do not or no longer meet the performance prescribed in its load specifications, based on the known or supposed failure modes of the components making up a system, and this for all the operational modes that they are supposed to support.

Currently, this analytical work is carried out across different interdepartmental meetings. The functionalities of the failure modes analysis module applied to the digital twin modeled with the components preconfigured according to the performance of the manufacturers will reduce the analysis time and bring all the participating experts into synergy. We will try to demonstrate that the reports from its failure analyzes improve the design phase, speed up troubleshooting, optimize productivity, and streamline decision-making for maintenance or any other area. In other words, to increase the reliability of the product and the competence of the teams throughout its life cycle.


  • Denis Lenoble, Product Manager for Automation Studio™, Famic Technologies

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