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Aggressive Hydraulics

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Our superior quality, cylinder designs, engineered solutions, response time, and value-added customer services set our company apart from the rest. With our professional, talented, experienced and motivated work force we’re able to achieve our distinct points of difference and fuel our commitment to continued growth. Structured to capitalize on business opportunities, Aggressive Hydraulics serves a broad base of customers across industries and geographies. Combined with our unique marketing services, our structure provides a steady workflow with minimal disruptions due to seasonality and industry-specific volatility, ensuring we’re ready to serve customers wherever and whenever they need us.


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You can find CEJN in every corner of the world and we proudly carry the reputation as the leading global quick connect coupling specialist. Born and developed through Swedish ingenuity gives us a heritage to be proud of. “Made in Sweden” is for us, a seal of high industrial quality. Add “by CEJN” and you get quick connect couplings with the assurance of quality and superior performance to guarantee professional use and customer benefit.


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With the needs of multi-axis hydraulic control applications in fields such as forest products manufacturing, metal forming and test systems for automotive and aerospace applications in mind, Delta Computer Systems Inc. of Battle Ground, Washington has been continually upgrading its new RMC200 motion controller product family. The RMC200 can control and synchronize up to 32 axes with a single unit, making this product the most capable electro-hydraulic motion controller offered to industry.

The RMC200 extends Delta’s high-performance motion control product line, which includes the RMC75 two-axis and RMC150 eight-axis controllers. Delta controllers provide built-in support for precise closed-loop position, velocity, pressure, and force control for electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic applications. The controllers are provided with a powerful, free software suite called RMCTools, which includes automated wizards for programming, tuning, and plotting of motion results.

For more information, visit deltamotion.com or email technicalsales@deltamotion.com.


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Dura-Bar is the leader in the production, technology and application of continuous cast iron bar stock. Available in a variety of grades, shapes and sizes, Dura‐Bar is engineered to machine fast and consistently, and is an ideal alternative to many grades of steel, castings and aluminum. Dura‐Bar continuous cast iron bar stock can be found in a wide range of end use fluid power and oil and gas applications, and is available through Charter Dura‐Bar’s network of distributors throughout North America and China.


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Since its foundation in 1986, Famic Technologies has been offering a complete range of high-end products and services in the field of software engineering and industrial automation. It has always been one step ahead, especially with the development of Automation Studio™, its innovative system design and simulation software.


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FD-GROUPS America supplies products made by their French parent company, FLUIDESIGN Group, which specializes in the design and production of custom‐made hydraulic and electronic components. Thanks to optimized engineering methods through the use of computer simulation, FD-GROUPS can provide you with compact hydraulic and precision electronic systems that improve equipment performance while also cutting the running costs of your machines.


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Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is the world’s leading market and technology specialist.

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is a supplier, development and service partner for customers in different market segments, such as the automotive industry, civil aviation, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, the food and pharmaceuticals, and agricultural and construction machinery.

Based on the Simmerring® which was developed by Freudenberg in 1929, Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has built up a broad and continuously expanding range of seals – from customized solutions to complete sealing packages. Freudenberg knows the harsh environments that test your hydraulic projects, which is why we’ve developed sealing designs with materials like special PTFE and polyurethane compounds that set new industry standards. Our innova­tions have led to the development of accumulators with operating pressure up to 500 bar, radial shaft seals that withstand up to 170 bar (peak), along with seals and custom-molded components for pneumatics that increase efficiency, providing a more reliable operation.

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies in the Americas is represented by Freudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies (FNST), a joint venture partnership between Freudenberg & Co. in Germany and NOK Corp. in Japan.


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J.M. Grimstad is a fluid power distributor and engineered systems provider. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced, and our Employee Ownership culture creates a very high level of commitment to our customer’ssuccess.


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Helgesen designs and manufactures hydraulic tank reservoirs and fluid conditioning devices – which can be customized for diverse industrial applications.

Globally recognized for their Helical Product Lifecycle, Helgesen serves a variety of industries, including construction, energy, mining and defense.


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HYDAC provides fluid power solutions to OEM’s, manufacturers and end users of a variety of heavy duty mobile and industrial equipment. We have been active in the field of hydraulics for more than 50 years and are a leader in innovative hydraulic products, integrated hydraulic systems and electronics. With more than 9,000 employees, 50 overseas subsidiaries and 500+ sales and service partners worldwide, we are in close contact with our customers, providing engineering advice, production support, expert installation and superior service. These solutions increase the efficiency, longevity and safety of fluid power systems – even under extreme conditions.

Our interdisciplinary network links expertise, innovation, customization and service all over the world. The knowledge and skill we have gained in the most demanding and diverse projects means HYDAC industry and product specialists speak your language. We are always open to establishing partnering relationships that create value for all.


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IC-Fluid Power is a global hydraulic component sourcing company founded to provide easy access to high-quality, European/German hydraulic technology, components and solutions.

IC-Fluid Power helps engineers, purchasing departments and project managers source the world for hydraulic components without the need to invest significant time and resources developing an internal sourcing team, learning languages and cultures and establishing the direct relationships necessary to be successful.


The International Fluid Power Society (IFPS) strengthens and advances professional careers in the fluid power workforce through our work in education, training, and certification. We are committed to facilitating and promoting the advancement of technology and professionalism of the fluid power & motion control industry through Awareness, Education, and Certification. The IFPS is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) professional organization of individuals dedicated to enhancing the quality of certifications, educational opportunities, technology evolution, and professionalism within the fluid power and motion control industry.


Milwaukee School of Engineering is an independent, non-profit university with about 2,900 students. MSOE offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering, business and nursing. The university has a national academic reputation; longstanding ties to business and industry; dedicated professors with real-world experience; a 96% placement rate; and the highest ROI and average starting salaries of any Wisconsin university according to PayScale Inc. MSOE graduates are well-rounded, technologically experienced and highly productive professionals and leaders.


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MTS Sensors, a division of MTS Systems Corporation (NASDAQ: MTSC), is the pioneer of Temposonics®magnetostrictive technology and a worldwide manufacturer of non-contact linear position sensors and liquid level transmitters that enable reliable feedback control for automation and safety applications. In July 2016, MTS Systems Corporation (Eden Prairie, MN, USA) acquired PCB Piezotronics, Inc. (Depew, NY, USA), vastly expanding the range of products and solutions of MTS Sensors. PCB® is a designer, manufacturer, and global supplier of accelerometers, microphones, force, torque, load, strain, and pressure sensors, as well as the pioneer of ICP® technology (Integrated Circuit Piezoelectric). In addition to enhanced product portfolio, the combination of two organizations increases research, development and production capabilities worldwide. Temposonics® and PCB® sensors are used in research/development and machinery health monitoring applications, off-highway equipment, liquid level measurement and other industries to improve product performance and reduce operational downtime.


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NitroSteel specializes in ferritic nitrocarburizing (FNC).

FNC involves diffusion of nitrogen and carbon into the surface of ferritic material at subcritical temperatures. FNC is the superior alternative to chrome plating; it boasts improved wear and corrosion resistance, increased service life and no surface pitting or flaking.


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OEM Controls is the leader in the design and development of electro-mechanical controllers and control systems for over 50 years. Our core products, include single and multi-axis axis joystick controllers, foot pedals, ergonomically designed multi-function grip handles, electronic valve driver boards, microprocessor-based logic controllers and integrated panel systems. With over 20 customizable joystick controllers and 20+ different style handles to choose from, we can configure and customize each product to the individual customer specifications.


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OEMs and 1st tier suppliers worldwide buy their valves and electrohydraulic pilot control systems from Thomas-Magnete’s Mobile Hydraulics division. We supply valves in various sizes, units, and mechatronic systems for precise control of the valves, pumps, clutches, and other components of customer systems.

Thomas Magnete USA, LLC, in Brookfield, WI, is the North American Sales, Distribution and Engineering center for electrical solenoid proportional valves for hydraulic pilot controls.


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Tompkins is your single source for hydraulic adapters and fluid power products. We offer the broadest range of adapters in the industry – more than 8,000 different configurations! We carry Brass, Steel Stainless Steel, Metric, Flange, O-ring Face Seal adapters and Flanges, from 1/16″ to 3″, with pressure capabilities, that meet or exceed all SAE standards.. Tompkins also offers Protec nylon abrasion-resistant hose sleeve, fire sleeve, ProWrap extreme-duty hose, cable wrap, as well as test points and test point kits.



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Webtec is a specialist manufacturer of hydraulic measurement and control products helping to improve the productivity of heavy machinery.

For 50 years they have been helping customers worldwide in the Industrial, Mobile, and Agricultural sectors to diagnose hydraulic faults, verify hydraulic conditions and achieve repeatable hydraulic control.


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WIKA designs and manufactures pressure, temperature, level and force measuring instruments for a wide range of industrial and mobile machine applications. We pride ourselves on meeting the demands of the highest standards in quality and performance of machine manufacturers.

With our innovative products and high-tech production lines, WIKA is perfectly equipped for the requirements of the OEM market, including customer-specific designs. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities allow large-batch production of OEM products at low cost, short delivery times and consistently high quality.