About Fluid Power Technology Conference – Virtual Series

Adding to the value of our FPTC, we will be conducting sessions online for audiences around the country starting in July 2020. This online series will include technical presentations, networking opportunities with manufacturing sponsors as well as other attendees, and a chance to learn about specific technologies and products from sponsors in place of exhibit time.

The series will be held every other Tuesday at 2PM EST and will continue throughout the summer and into fall.

Topics of sessions will include:

  • Hose fittings & assemblies
  • Hydraulic motion control
  • Hydraulic valves
  • Electronic pressure & flow controls
  • Designing with IoT technologies
  • Fluid power schematic design software
  • Environmentally acceptable hydraulic fluids
  • Water hydraulics

Session Format: The technical sessions will each be about 30 to 45 minutes in duration and will be of the same format and emphasis as our live event. Our sponsors and speakers will present fluid power solutions for both design engineers and MRO specialists in all areas of fluid power including system design, componentry, maintenance and troubleshooting, and any other areas of interest to fluid power professionals. All of the sessions will be hosted on our website for future on-demand viewing.

  • Breakouts: At the end of the session, attendees can opt to move into separate breakout rooms, where they will be able to see each other on video. In one room, attendees can ask questions of the presenter and network with each other, while the second breakout room will be reserved for a different sponsor each week. Here, they will present their technologies to attendees and take questions.