Tuesday, July 7, 2 PM EST

Tackling Hydraulic Challenges with Technology

Kovach will focus on the key reasons why “hydraulics will be around for a long time” as well as five of the challenges currently facing hydraulics (leaks, noise, efficiency, control, and weight).

To address these challenges numerous technologies have been recently developed with additional breakthroughs on the horizon. Clearly, the movement toward electrification has resolved some of these issues – including the use of ePumps, EHA (electro hydrostatic actuators), hybridized and integrated systems. Also, innovations in fluid connectors and hydraulic fluid technology play a key role.

Beyond this, developments in pump technology, simulation, and power transmission systems have improved overall efficiency while reducing noise. Lastly, the use of advanced materials and additive manufacturing technologies help address weight/size issues while opening new market opportunities for hydraulics.


Tuesday, July 21, 2 PM EST

From complex to simple: sizing and selection of fluid power seals

It is important to understand the complexities of seal materials, types and designs for use in fluid power application. This session will be a primer on the basics of sealing systems and products specific to the fluid power industry. Josh will discuss general fluid power seal applications, including mounting locations and fluid compatibility. As well, machine dynamics play a part in seal selection, especially comparing both dynamic or static loads. Finally, Josh will cover how environmental factors affect seal selection, especially when there is a need for long life or resistance to extreme temperatures.


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